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Find all duplicate files, organize your computer, mark all files you want to delete and remove it. Fix Windows errors and crashes: Safely clean, repair and optimize the Windows registry. Special algorithm : tries to find the correct file path for registry value errors (moved files).
Disk usage graphics: Displays graphically the hard disk space usage. View largest files and folders, statistics by file extension. Digital shredder: Remove files from your hard drive without fear they could be recovered (DoD compliant).
Immunize Windows System: Block installation of know spyware programs and block installation of a long list of bad cookies. System tweaks: Clear old system restore points, and much more...
Delete 26 types of unnecessary, temporary and error files (special cleaner), empty Windows temporary folders, empty browser cache and history, free several gigabytes.
Version 2015 1.3 MB 8-Languages
Benefits of a MYPCOK tuned PC: Restored power and stability, Accelerated system startup times, Valuable disk space is recovered, Your privacy is protected
ARMP - A Random Music Player 3.0
Music non stop, lite random mp3 player.
ASRI - A Shutdown Restart PC Desktop Icons
Make it simple to shutdown restart pc.
ASTP File Shredder
Deletes files and makes them permanently gone.
MPOK Cleaner
Remove junk and un-needed files to help speed up your pc

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